After the initial creation of an individual simulation model and the installation of the infrastructure, further experiments with altered input variables can be conducted in self-service at any time without any knowledge of simulation software required. We offer you a web-based environment as software as a service (SaaS), to execute the input of the process parameters (factors) and to receive the results of the simulation (responses).
Only a PC with internet access is needed to use the simulation environment. The required infrastructure needed to conduct the simulation is being provided, maintained and operated by bulheller+partner. The client has no need for additional investments for infrastructure or licenses. The client will pay a fee depending on the time consumed to run simulation experiments.
bulheller+partner uses some of the most advanced internet security technologies available. When accessing our website using the industry standard technology SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), server authentication and data encryption protect your data. This provides complete security for your data which can only be accessed by registered users of your company.
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No knowledge about the use of the simulation software is needed to execute simulation experiments. The input of the factors and the output of the responses take place on a web interface. Graphs are being used to display the results. Every executed experiment can be compared with every other one. No investment is necessary to enable the client to perform simulation experiments in self-service.
  • Conduction of simulation experiments in self-service
  • Stochastic simulations to support the right solution within the strategic, tactic and operational planning horizon
  • autoSIM – Material flow and logistic simulation in self service
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