Optimization of a Production Schedule
Simulation of a complete Supply-Chain including storage for the conduction of an utilization and warehouse space requirement analysis.

  • Optimization of the production schedule
  • Fulfillment of customer demands
  • Workforce optimization
Initial Situation
The client questions the current batch size‘s effectiveness, which is completely based on the capacity of a truck cargo and rack capacity. Due to this batch size, the production usually exceeds the client’s demand, thus causing a large amount of goods in storage. There is no statement of the number of operators staff required to fulfill volatile demand. At one point in the production process, employees could theoretically be economized at the cost of the cycle time.
Our client should be enabled to conduct experiments in self-service where different production schedules with different batch sizes can be tested, without taking any risks. Doing this, the client will be able to determine if the customer needs can be fulfilled. Additionally, the simulation should include parameters for staff requirements and cycle time per product; so that it can be tested if the performance remains stable and the customer demand can be covered.
About 1200 entry parameters were defined, which will then be used to create a simulation using a inhouse-developed, standardized object library. If required, the simulation model can be adapted to the client’s needs. The client receives access to a web interface where he can conduct simulation experiments completely on his own (self service on-Demand). The client receives the web access already with the first versions of simulation model.
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