robmax ® are well-matched measuring and analysis tools designed for real-time measurement, analysis and determination of process parameters of body in white shops. robmax adapts Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma methods of the automotive industry to automation and returns the measurement results into the digital factory, where the impact of optimization suggestions can be simulated and evaluated.
robmax ® creates a so-called process image out of real-time process data. This process image reflects the state of a line at time of measuring and is used for analyzing process efficiency and process variance. robmax requires no hardware for acquiring the data. Instead it accesses robot control directly and allows simultaneous measuring of a random number of robots. robmax doesn‘t require any modifications of robot programming or control.
  • robmax ® differs between process time and cycle time thus enabling the detection of bottlenecks at robot level
  • robmax uses methods of analytical statistic for its analysis
  • robmax identifies value adding, not-value adding but required and not-value adding process steps for detail analysis
  • Analysis results are being stored in a data warehouse, reporting takes place via web interface
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Classical MES systems usually only show the pooled status of a line at a PLC-safety circuit level, therefore not completely fulfilling the task of process optimization. The throughput is being affected by variance in process time and cycle time. robmax shows the processes’ efficiency and stability via statistical key figures. The transparency of the added value and disturbances allow a continuous improvement of the production process.
  • Lean Manufacturing for Automation
  • Feedback of process data into the digital factory
  • Virtual commissioning
  • robmax ® – Process optimization for highly automated lines
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