Body-in-White performance transparency
Transparency of the operative availability and the utilization of a complete BiW production line.

  • Identification of performance loss in line segments
  • Improved planning quality for new production lines
Initial Situation
Validation of line productivity and the initial planning parameters of a highly automated BiW, a couple of months after job #1. Three different models with additional options increase the line’s process variation. Productivity losses, caused by complexity and the interaction of different line segments, have to be countered with suggested solutions.
Gathering of real-time process data of 1.200 robots (incl. cooperating industrial robots), without disturbing the on-going production. Conversion of the data into a process image, allowing the complete representation of operations and interactions between line segments. Illustration of performance losses in every line segment. Calculation of robot availability and determination of factors reducing the output.
Collection of real-time process data of single line segments. Analysis of data using robmax and providing of the reports in the SaaS-reporting tool.
Interpretation and validation of the results of the robots’ current utilization and availability.
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